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ADHD Books

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adhd(1).jpgUnderstanding My Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
By Kara T. Tamanini
"This self published children's picture book was created by a professional Christian mental health counselor to help children with ADHD understand that ADHD may lead to trouble in school and home. An older man shares his childhood story of struggling with ADHD and his success after getting help. Although overly wordy for its target audience in home or at school, it would be a good addition for professionals to place in their waiting rooms for children and parents to read." (Allison Martin)

adhd(2).jpgThe Connected Child: Bring Hope and Healing to Your Adoptive Family
By Karyn B. Purvis, David R. Cross, and Wendy Lyons Sunshine
"This book deserves a wide audience; not only is it beneficial for among parents struggling with attachment or behavior issues, but it will also benefit health care professionals and therapist working with these families. Based on practical experience and research, this book provides detailed and practical techniques parents can use in teaching their children appropriate ways to behave, while responding in a loving manner. It is especially useful for children from preschool to early middle school age with special needs such as sensory integration dysfunction, ADD/ADHD, mild autism, and other developmental impacts." (Allison Martin)

adhd(3).jpgAnswers to Distraction
by Edward M. Hallowell and John J. Ratey

"In an easy to read format of questions and answers, Doctors Hallowell and Ratey address many of the common (and some unusual) questions about living with ADD and ADHD. This comprehensive book is a great resource for someone who already knows something about Attention Deficit Disorders and wants to learn more. It is both affiirming and informative - with questions running the gamut from organization, personality, employment, parenting, heredity, relationships, and self esteem to medication. This book is useful for anyone who has ADHD or lives with someone who does." (Allison Martin)

adhd(4).jpgMoms with ADD: A Self-Help Manual
by Christine Adamec
"This is an excellent resource for mothers who have recently been diagnosed with ADD (or suspect that they have this) and who are looking for supportive advice and practical tips for family "management." (Allison Martin)

adhd(5).jpgLearning Outside The Lines
Jonathan Mooney and David Cole

"For older students, basic skills such as keeping notebooks, paying attention, organization, with a humorous bent from two self proclaimed Harvard academic 'failures', with learning disabilities." (Allison Martin)

adhd(6).jpgThe ADD Answer: How to Help Your Child Now--With Questionnaires and Family-Centered Action Plans to Meet Your Child's Specific Needs
by Frank Lawlis

"The ADD Answer provides a different take on parenting a child with ADD or ADHD, as it does not go into the causes or determination of ADD, but instead focuses on the social stigma of ADD, recommends ways that can help children at home and in school, and examines alternative treatments and lifestyles." (Allison Martin)

adhd(7).jpgEagle Eyes: A Child's Guide to Paying Attention
by Jeanne M. A. Gehret

A postive story about a little boy with ADHD.

adhd(8).jpgWhoa, Wiggle-Worm: A Little Lemon Book about an Overly Active Child (Paperback)
by Betsy B. Lee

From the publisher: Little Lemon and Lickety-split help David (Wiggle-worm) gain self-control, self-respect, the respect of others, and secrets for doing better in school. Discussion questions in the book deal with strategies, the impact of nicknames, and how it feels to be helpful. David could be a child with ADHD, LD, behavioral problems, low or high blood sugar, sleep deprivation, or other conditions.

adhd(9).jpgADD and the College Student
Edited by Dr. Patricia O. Quinn
An helpful overview for students of life at college and suggestions on how to cope with ADD. Each chapter is provided from a different expert, including students as well as professionals, on topics such as modifications, applying to college, seeking assistance, and medication. It is short but well written and would be useful to students with ADD in their college preparation.

adhd(10).jpgDr. Larry Silver's Advice to Parents on Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Dr. Larry Silver

"An indepth look at the impact of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) on a child and his or her family. This book still provides one of the better overviews of ADHD in children available today." (Allison Martin)

adhd(13).jpgClassroom Success for the LD And ADHD Child
Suzanne H. Stevens

"Stevens provides a wealth of experience, both from a teachers' point of view and as a therapist, for helping your learning disabled child not only survive the school sytem but benefit from the process." (Allison Martin)

adhd(11).jpgUniquely Gifted : Identifying and Meeting the Needs of the Twice Exceptional Student
Edited by Kay Kiesa
"If you have a child who is gifted in some areas of education and yet struggles in others, do not delay - this book is for you." (Allison Martin)

adhd(12).jpgUnderstanding ADHD
By Christopher Green, Kit Chee

"An overview of conventional ADHD theory and treatment in a direct and easy to read format." (Allison Martin)                                                     


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For the creation of the content the materials from the website were used

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