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The seminar for volunteers

The seminar of the “Integration” project for volunteers was held from 17th to 19th of November.

The seminar was held in selection and preparatory mode.

24 volunteers, 4 of them helped as madrihim and 5 specialists took part in the seminar.

The following specialists worked with the volunteers:

Vera Yasnaya, clinical psychologist - training course for working with special needs children.

Natalya Zinovyeva, Elena Severyukhina, social psychologists - team building and personality development training course.

Kira Grublite, Alexander Kovtun, madrihim from  Moscow Center for Progressive Judaism Community “Le-Dor va-Dor - Kabbalat Sabbath, Avdala, Shaharit, Jewish history and traditions.

The volunteers spent the weekend very actively and interesting.int9.png



Participants of the "Integration" project will create there own board sports game

All-Russian public organisation "Federation of Russian board sports games” was founded in 2014 and operates on the territory of more than half of the Russian Federation constituent members, where it has its structural units - regional offices.

"Federation of  Russian board sports games" is a public organisation, a membership-based, promotes and develops board sports games of different nations - novuss (Latvia), table shuffleboard (England), jakkolo (Netherlands), box hockey (USA), carrom (India) and others, arranges and conducts sports events and prepares athletes - members of the national teams of sport board games.

"Each country has its own national games and national cuisine. We have collected the most interesting board games that are played regardless of age and health condition. The main thing is to give a person a choice of life diversity, give the opportunity to learn the game, during which one can be beautiful” - admits the president of Federation of Russian board sports games Guntars Bralitis.

Guntars Bralitis has created a set of adaptable games specifically for the rehabilitation of people with disabilities. Here you can find games for people with various disorders of health: blind and visually impaired, with disturbances of the musculoskeletal system and the peculiarities of intellectual development. Everyone can play these games and win!

The game is the most natural condition of the person. During the game it is much easier for the person to undergo the process of rehabilitation. Such games allow you to feel the team spirit, to feel the support. In addition, creating a game on their own, children will be deeply immersed in the study of Jewish history and tradition.

Board sports games (BSG) - it is a world of equal opportunities, where people with any form of disability can find a game according to their interests and capabilities; winning by playing on par with the regulars!

BSG - the types of sports, entertainment, recreation and rehabilitation, where all barriers disappear and the possibilities become limitless from the first minute.

We want the Jewish culture and tradition alongside with others to be presented in the federation. Thus we offered to announce the creation of a board sports game in organisations participating in the "Integration" project.

The game-winner of the contest will be presented for the inclusion in the Federation of Russian board sports games.int9.png


The participation of “Integration” project in the IV creative Festival “Ariadne's thread

In November 2016 once again will be held already the fourth festival of creativity of people with mental development “Ariadne's thread”, which managed to gain popularity and love among people with special needs and professionals in this field.

We have offered to organise the participation of children of the “Integration” project in this event, thereby a competition have been announced among of organisation-participants.

The first festival was organised by the RSO "Club of psychiatrists" with the support of the Department of Health and Social Protection of the population of Moscow in December 2011 and has been holding annually since then.

The geography of the festival is growing. Today, its members are creative delegations from 28 Russian regions and 14 foreign countries.

The creative committee of the festival includes prominent figures of art and medicine.

The aim of the Festival is a broad propaganda of humanisating approaches in solving the issues of people with various mental health problems.

The festival aims to promote the expansion of opportunities for their inclusion in the general cultural processes, creation of conditions for the realisation of their creative potential, as well as the social integration of people faced with a difficult illness.

One way of its overcoming is the creative activity, art, giving an ability to rise the soul, absorb the bright colours of the world.

Participation in the festival gives children with HIA not only an opportunity to further dialogue, exchange of experience and expression of themselves, but also the possibility of further creative development.

Also collective works of children with or without HIA will enable them to draw together, understand each other better and raise the level of tolerance.

"Art is a means of unity of people of good" - said Leo Tolstoy. Unfortunately, in today's fast paced, sometimes chaotic and sometimes violent world, there is not so much kindness as we would like. The need for good is tremendous. And we believe that the Creator will not give the abyss to a single talent!

Seven creative nominations are planned in the program of the Festival: theatre, concert, literature, photo, film work, fine and applied arts, multimedia work (journalism projects).

The works of the participants are presented at large cultural city grounds.int9.png


Excursion to the "Silver rain” radio station

On 29th of February a fascinating tour has been conducted to the radio station "Silver rain”.  Guys were able to see how a popular radio station is organised, look at all the most secret places and even broadcast room, where they were able to observe how a lifestream broadcast goes off.

The guys have learned about the work of the leading, whose voices are heard daily by millions of people in their cars’ radio, at home, in the workplace. Before the tour they had a big surprise —a creative meeting and a small concert with the famous singer and songwriter Andrei Makarevich. Although the singer had a cold it did not stop the meeting going in a cosy atmosphere.

Andrei Makarevich answered numerous questions of the children.

At the end of the concert Sasha Lashkevich gave a short prayer and blessing of the singer and his songs. This was unexpected and touching.

All participants received memorable gifts: a bag, a pen, a shirt, a badge with a radio station logo and friendly caricatures of the leading with their autographs.int9.png



Family seminar: Zvenigorod 27-29 of November 2015

On 27-29 November 2015, on the site of "Zvenigorod’ pension a family workshop was carried out.

In the warm, friendly, family atmosphere, parents were able to discuss daily issues.

The seminar program was, as always, very intense and interesting.

Volunteers of the project have conducted master classes for the children, the main theme of which has become the upcoming Hanukkah holiday.

David Nisengolts has told the parents in fascinating way about the traditions and history of the holiday.

The psychologist, Michael Kipnis, has conducted a role-play training, which has helped the parents to take a fresh look at the issues of child rearing.

Parents of children involved in the project have discussed the issues of further development of the parent group.

 A real gift to the end of the seminar was the meeting with the head of the Jewish Agency - Natan Sharansky, a man who courageously passed Aliyah hardships in Soviet times. Parents and even children could ask questions related to the today’s repatriation.int9.png

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We are inviting everyone who is interested!

From the 1st to 8th of July on the site of Leadership School Lauder Etz Chaim, special

classes for moms and their kids, age of 2 and above, will take place.

In the program of the project: fascinating lessons, master classes, a swimming pool, a separate program for children and much more!

We are waiting for all comers!

You can make a reservation on the phone:



ms1-(6).jpgTasty master class

On 23rd of November 2014, the second in history master-class in sushi making was carried out.

Sitting at a long communal table, the children, at first, with pleasure "have eaten" the avocado sauce, at the same time learning how to hold the sticks. And then they began to make rolls on their own.

Now everyone knows what the rice rolling mat is made of, why does it have to be wrapped into plastic wrap and which side upwards (rough or smooth) should the seaweed be put on a rice rolling mat

Many children absolutely delightfully have taken sushi home. Some of them with a triumph have eaten them right on the spot. Somebody has made the sushi and gave it all away to the kids around. 

There was only one problem – two hours have passed very quickly, children were ready to sit around and make more sushi but it was the time to go home. Though, now if they wish to, they are able to teach their parents! 

And we have already started thinking what else we could do in the next master class?int9.png


Jerusalem Day in Moscow

On 25th of May 2014, a celebration of Jerusalem Day took place in Moscow. For this Bolshoy Spasoglinishevskiy boulevard for the whole day has turned into small Israel, where lectures were delivered, jewelry was sold, meetings were held and master-classes were conducted.

Our project took part in the celebration as well, which became the only social project presented at the event. We were making wizard wands, that could make all dreams come true and everyone who wanted to participate could join us. Moreover, we gave our visitors magnets and postcards with children’s drawings of our project.

It was great, fun and no one wanted to leave. A video and photos from celebration can be found here. On 23rd second it is possible to see our friendly team actively working on magic wands.

We are proud of the fact that it is the banner of our project peeking from Yuri Isaakovich Kanner’s back, the president of the Russian Jewish Congress, which has become one of our project’s sponsors.


Lag B'Omer

This Sunday, on May 18th, the last meeting of Sunday school for this academic year was held. And simultaneously, the last meeting of parent group. Since the holiday of Lag B'Omer was celebrated, we tried to meet in accordance with traditions.

 It is common to make fire on this day, to shoot from bows, to carry out celebrations on the tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai (Rashbi) on Mount Meron and conduct " Halak " - first haircut for the boys who have reached the age of three. 

Of course, we didn't go to Mount Meron and we haven't cut anyone's hair. We couldn't light fires either, unfortunately. But we had an amazing picnic, during which we played darts, organized a variety of fun games and competitions, chatted and ate tasty things. The weather was beautiful. And we all had a wonderful time together. int9.png

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      Tu Bishvat

tbs8.jpgThe Jewish calendar has frequent holidays; and the Sabbath school often gets together at a long common table to celebrate them in accordance with all rules and traditions.

A lesson on January 12, a few days before the New Year of trees Tu Bishvat, the students of Jewish Agency for Israel Sohnut dedicated to the history of this holiday.

Project Integration children together with other children listened to stories about the origin of this holiday, draw a picture of common tree, a symbol of the group, put on the palms of all participants.

Parents at this time were holding parent’s meeting.Today, they met with historian David Nisengoltz.

tbs7.jpgAfter that, children and parents went to a festive table. First, the children independently laid the table, and then David held Passover Seder Tu Bishvat.

Children enthusiastically followed a set procedure for eating dried fruits (“First, we take dates and eat them…”), then they concentrated on mixing juices to get various colors (the only question arising by the end of this event: “What do I do, if I cannot drink anymore?”) Children played games, run around a lot and laughed. We congratulate all of you on Tu Bishvat! int9.png



Hanukka Magic  

                                                                                                                     Sofia Mishiyeva


The tramline brought us to a warm Jewish house where Hanukiah was kindled to fill this home with light and joy. The parents and children were comfortably positioned in beautifully decorated rooms with great presenters who prepared surprises to all guests.

Fairy Galina Perminova, a director of Integration project, gave everyone great cookies baking dishes with a stroke of her fairy wand, referring the guests to the current cooking master class.

mh3.jpgJewish music sounded from the next room, as Princess Irina indulged children with new dancing moves. Yelena Galanina and volunteers of Children’s Playground project were chanting: “Who needs candles, sevivon, hanukiah, come over here!” This room brought in the largest number of children preoccupied with a sophisticated technique of candle decoupage. Yes, children were making decorative candles! Others were constructing Hanukiah and making Sevivon, a hanging decoration.

Rabbits, cats and tigers were sneaking into the room with table games. Do not be afraid, aquarium experts do wonders.

The building walls contained questions which could bring even more joy, a prize for answering them. But all guests were so involved in their creative work that hardly took notice that an hour has passed. The hosts announced a concert which became a climax of the festival.

Rabbi Alexander Lyskovoy told the story of Hanukkah Miracle. Children were very curious and asked many questions. Rabbi wished all guests happay Hanukkah.

Lights were put down, the viewers held their breath.

mh7.jpg“Hanukkah is joy and light, there is no light brighter in the world; Hanukkah is my way, nobody can put out this candle.” Specific kids presented candles to viewers.

What is Makarena at the Carnival? These are the names of dances performed by unique children’s dancing groups Indigo and Iskorki (Tiny sparks) which both demonstrate magnetic choreography. Be that manipulation or illusion, the audience was greatly excited with what was going on. Dmitry Chirikov invited kids to come onstage and they were happy to be part of this enigmatic performance.

Ivan Yastrebov performed the songs “Captain” and “All This Jazz” and Anna Glazman with sisters Galanin sang “Adon Olam” and “Sevivon Sov Sov Sov”.

Every child got a sweet present and tried Hanukkah snack, Sufganiyah made to commemorate the miracle. int9.png



 Table Game Contest

Charitable Foundation Parilis continues to indulge our children. This time, they were offered a great opportunity to play!

reb.cent1.jpgTwo game contests were held in November jointly with the Studio for Sport Table Games. The first contest was held November 20 at Ets Haim school and it involved junior and middle schoolchildren.

The second contest was held November 28 at Lipman school. It was joined by children of all ages, including junior and senior students.

The games are unique in that they are both interesting to healthy children and children with disabilities. They help children with attention deficit disorder to concentrate and children with hypertonic muscle spasm to relax and children who have no hands or arms may use special devices and play with other children.

Both contests were a success, they made children feel happy; and even their teachers and parents could not resist joining them in their games.

We are grateful to the executives of Charitable Foundation Parilis and personally General Director Natalia Ulyanova for all wonderful things they have presented to our children and their parents. int9.png



Hanukkah and its Miracles in Vdokhnoveniye Center

The celebration of a wonderful and much-loved festival Hanukka started November 27, This festival symbolizes belief in miracles, hope for changes for the better and self-confidence and support from heaven while facing any hardships.

The festival has a special meaning for our children and their parents as all of them believe in miracles. This year, Hanukka miracles included visiting by our children Vdokhnoveniye Rehabilitation Center.

Charitable Foundation Parilis offered us an opportunity to prepare for and celebrate Hanukkah.

We wish to thank the executives of Parilis and personally General Director Natalia Ulyanova for this exceptional trip which they presented to our project children and their parents.

The first trip with forty two participants took place on November 17. Everybody was happy to come to such wonderful place, Vdokhnoveniye (Inspiration) resembling a fairy-tale castle.

We were welcomed by Alexandra who offered us fresh milk shake. We were comfortably seated in the reception hall of the center to be made aware of the agenda for the next few hours.

reb.cent7.jpgThe families were offered three workshops: drawing with support of a professional artist using several techniques; making postcards and felting. Pre-school and school-aged children immediately got down to work and were proud to show the results. Older children met other kids who live in the center, played air hockey and musical instruments.

After the workshops all visitors were brought to the concert hall and a rock band played their own song. Many were excited by the master class of playing drums. Both children and parents drummed various rhythms on darbuka, tambourine, tumbrel, bongo, and many other types of drums of various forms and sizes. Together, they sounded like a whole ensemble of happy and cheerful musicians.

With our hearts full of delight, we went for lunch. The most interesting things were planned for us after meals. The children were taken to the farm to feed cows and bulls with hay, observe calves, stroke farm’s cat, feed horses with fruits and vegetables and hens with millet. A horse riding tour was cancelled because it was raining, although all children were looking forward to ride on horseback. Parents bought some milk products in the farm store, including milk, fermented baked milk, Russian cream cheese, and kephir. Children were playing, running and communicating at the children’s playground next to the farm.

reb.cent3.jpgThe second group went to the Center on December 1. The trip started with a prolonged road, as the group got lost on its way. The Center welcomed us so kindly and gladly that we immediately forgot about our challenging trip. The group was treated to a breakfast of milk products; meanwhile our hosts were preparing for the master class.

After breakfast, Director Nadezhda Dorogoychenko made her presentation of the Center. She made us aware of how the project was initiated, what kind of work it pursues today, how orphans (and other children) are brought there, what kind of efforts are made for their rehabilitation and further socialization.

Yelena, a group attendant from the Jewish Family Service, talked with the guests about Hanukka and showed a 7 minutes video about the festival; and children sang the Hanukka song.

reb.cent6.jpgThe workshops were very popular with the guests, including decoupage on candles and painting technique of art drawing with felt pens. The guests were offered interesting table and action games. The group stayed in one building which was very convenient in winter. The children were then taken out for sledding and for a farm tour. They could feed cows, horses, pigs, rabbits and even a donkey. We all enjoyed every minute of the tour.

Then we had a vegetarian lunch. To make us feel the most welcome guests, our hosts made potato pancakes, a traditional Hanukka dish.

After lunch, we were invited to the meeting with the founder of the Center who recently arrived from Israel and wanted to share his impressions.

The visitors were given some time to buy milk products from the farm and at five in the evening we left for Moscow.

The day was interesting and eventful. We shared our impressions on the way home. All of us noted a cozy interior and many beautiful handmade items. Only one thing cast a shadow on our happiness – children failed to bring enough carrots to feed all animals which they liked. int9.png

Integration is introduced to Limud

April 12 not only mark a historical achievement in outer space, but also the appearance of our Integration project in the space of Limud.

lim1.jpgThis year, the Integration project became one of the Limud partners and was presented at Limud by our star Anna Bitova, director of the Center for Curative Pedagogic.

For us, it was crucial that the session entitled “Jewish families – special children” was led by Anna Bitova, since the Center for Curative Pedagogic and its director stood at the beginnings of the Integration project 8 years ago and continue helping us as an expert organization up until now.

Anna reported on how the demand for such program was building up, how it was launched and developed and how Jewish family values help in upbringing and mainstreaming of children with special needs.

The audience present at the session - parents, psychologists, speech therapists and pathologists were really interested in the topic.

lim2.jpgCoincidentally, representatives of the schools involved in the project – ORT, Tkhia and Kovcheg were present at the session and proudly told the audience about how the project was implemented in their schools.

Two years of participation demonstrate that the theme of integration of children with special needs into society is not that popular with participants and guests of  Limud, but we are still hopeful that at some point people will look around and public concern in this issue will grow in the nearest future.int9.png



Miracles and discoveries in “Pain Quotidian” – festive event for children with special needs and their peer

sim5.jpg“I was astonished to see how my son who is usually unable to sit still for 3 minutes and for whom focusing and accomplishing something with his own hands is mission impossible... how he baked and decorated a cookie without any assistance.

This event let me see that Stepa is capable of interested, attentive and long listening as well as of inspired participation and accomplishing creative tasks.

I am very grateful to the Integration project and to the Pain Quotidian for this wonderful and joyous celebration they presented to our children and also for giving me hope”.

This is a feedback from the mother of 10-year-old Stepa, a child with ADHD who participated in the celebration organized on October 21 in the Moscow Pain Quotidian bakery. 

43 children with disabilities and their peers from Moscow regular and boarding schools participated in captivating master-classes.

The children decorated post cards, watched the performance of a young magician and a series of fascinating scientific experiments.

sim3.jpgThey baked and decorated pastry under the guidance of an experienced confectioner.

A lot of volunteers participated in the celebration entertaining and helping to children and organizers.

Meanwhile, psychologist Olga held a Q&A session with the parents.

At the end of the celebration, the children received as gifts wonderful books from the OGI publishing house, one of the partners in the event.

The celebration was organized by the popular Moscow bakery “Pain Quotidian” in partnership with the Integration project, the Perspektiva regional organization for disabled, and the OGI publishing house.int9.png