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The 3rd Annual Charity Event "Bring the Joy” has come to an end

On 17th of March 2016, the third annual charity event "Bring the Joy” has been successfully completed, dedicated to the celebration of Purim. The event was organised and carried out by the project "Integration of children with special needs in the Jewish community of Moscow" and the service of volunteer coordination “Maagal", created and developed with the support of the JDC, in partnership with the student organisation “Hillel".

The idea of the promotion is that according to Jewish tradition anyone could bring Mishloach Manot (various sweets and other goodies), which then would get the children with special needs, as well as their friends and classmates.

By organising this promotion over and over again, we want the children with special needs and their families to feel the support of the community, to realise once again that they are not alone and people are able to, want and strive to help them in bringing joy.

Also the promotion gives an opportunity to get the attention of an increasing number of members of the Jewish community of the city of Moscow to our project, to experience volunteering and feel that everyone can do something nice, and for this, sometimes you only need a tiny bit of effort.

This year we have managed to collect 225 gifts, that are going to be given out to more than 200 children during a Purim celebration in 5 different organisations!

In schools children with pleasure were making and decorating boxes for the collection of gifts.

In schools of Etz Haim and Thiya celebration events were organised for the collection of sweet gifts.

In Jewish Agency “Sohnut”, within the framework of the "Bring the Joy” promotion, the family of Krenichnyh Svetlana and Valery have brought sweets to the children of Sunday and “Integration” projects that with pleasure were tasted after Purimshpil.

It should be noted separately that Nestle supports the promotion for the third time and we are very grateful for its such stable and meaningful participation for us!

This year, for the second time an active partner of the promotion was the Jewish Cultural Centre of Ralph Goldman on Nikitskaya street.

Volunteers have been packing collected Mishloach Manot into beautiful and elegant packages so that children would be especially pleased to receive them!

The event took place in the new art café in Nikitskaya street at the Jewish Cultural Centre of Ralph Goldman, which has provided its premises for packaging Mishloach Manot and treated the volunteers.

Mi a-Lev (volunteer movement of the Jewish Agency "Sohnut") was helping us with packaging, arranging meetings, delivery and collection.

The realisation of this promotion is a pleasure for us and its organisers!

The satisfaction that we get by looking at the happy faces of the children, hearing the feedback of the parents, is worth the effort spent on preparation and holding of the entire event!

Therefore, wait for the fourth annual event "Bring the Joy" next year.

For the help with the third annual charity event we thank:

int9.pngLtd. "Nestle Russia"

int9.pngRepresentation of the JDC in Moscow

int9.pngJewish Agency “Sohnut"

int9.pngRACPJ, the community "Le Dor Va Dor"

int9.pngSBEI Gymnasium # 1540 (ORT Technology School)

int9.pngCentre of Education # 1311 "Thiya"

int9.png"Hillel" Moscow

int9.pngCharitable Foundation "The Helping Hand”

int9.pngJewish Cultural Centre at Nikitskaya street of Ralph Goldman

int9.pngJewish Family Service

int9.pngSBEI Secondary School "School of leadership LAUDER ETZ-HAIM”

int9.pngMoscow Moses House






                           “BRING THE JOY” 




Anticipation of Purim

The Project “Integration of children with special needs into Jewish community in Moscow” in cooperation with volunteer coordination service “Maagal” is hosting the charity promotion “Bring the Joy” once again. pr2_ban6.jpg

The promotion is held for the third year in a row.

Long-long time ago rabbis ruled that in Purim we should give each other presents (“Mishloach Manot”) as a token of salvation of the Jews from Aman.

In organizations-participants a collection of sweets is being held. For this reason, specially made colorful boxes are put forward in order for people to store gifts.

In late March children will celebrate Purim in Jewish communities, where they will take part in performing Purimshpil, read the scroll of Esther and receive traditional sweets "Mishloach Manot”, which will be collected during promotion in Moscow Jewish organizations.

With this event we want not only to obey Jewish tradition but to draw attention to the needs of special children and Jewish community activities. And also, we want to give an opportunity and support to children from families, which in this bright and happy holiday are affected by current social constrains.

We are inviting you to take part in promotion starting on 20th of February to 17th of March 2016.int9.png