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14th Community Forum

The 14th Community Forum (the joint project of Charity Foundation “Joint” and Jewish Agency “Sokhnut” -  “Integration of children with special needs into the Jewish community of Moscow”) was held on the 14th of September at the “Tree of Life” school #1621 with the support of Federation of New York and Russian Jewish Congress (RJC).

This year the program of the Forum was dedicated to new trends and possibilities of upgrowth of the project.

Managers, coordinators and specialists from organizations participating in the project took part in the Forum.

Special guests: Natalya Krel - director of National Paradelphian Committee of Russia, member of  the Managing Council of Abilympics Russia, Ivan Rozhanskii - director of “Course of Life” charity foundation and project manager of “Integration 18+”, coordinators and participants of the inclusive youth movement  “Knaphaim shel Krembo” (Israel).

Anna Bitova - director of “Center for Curative Pedagogic” told us about the changes of law concerning actual life conditions. She placed the emphasis on need for development of assistance system on early stage of child development, a home attendant program and a problem with school tutors. There were suggested legal advices for teachers, social workers and parents.

Natalya Krel introduced the activity of the inclusive movement “Abilympics International”, told about opportunities to cooperation of the partners of the project with Abilympics movement. There was a discussion at the round table about an establishing of “Abilympics Competence Center” and new methods in training of volunteers.

The presentation of "Course of Life" charity foundation called a big response. Ivan Rozhanskii (director) told about a pilot draft “Integration 18+”, aimed at help to people with special needs in career-guidance and employment assistance.

The representatives of the “Knaphaim shel Krembo” movement (Israel), that specializes in working with children and adult people with special needs (8-22), told us about principle of operation of the movement, functioning as a network of stable local communities of young people and teenagers. They shared a conception in training of instructors and volunteers. The presentation was introduced by Bat Hen Gazala and Emil Oifman (the coordinators of the project).  The panel discussion took place after the presentation with participation of the volunteers of the project “Knaphaim shel Krembo” (Israel).

At the end of the Forum at the round table the representatives of the organizations participating in the project, told us about the most important events and achievements within the framework of realization of the project for the last school year.

Photos of the 14th Community Forum


 12th Community Forum

A theme of the forum: “The education in Russia in a period of change: constraints and opportunities for an inclusive and Jewish education.”

On October 12, 2015 the 12th Community forum of the Integration project was held.

There were representatives from all organizations, which take part in the project.

During the day 43 people have participated.

This year, Gymnasium №1540(ORT) hosted the event.

The administration has prepared an excursion around the building of elementary school and also a presentation of an inclusive education model.

Executives of JDC and Jewish Agency “Sohnut” as well as other honorable guests had performed with a speech on the opening of the forum.

The reports were presented:

“Features of modern education, constrains and opportunities” performed by Moiseeva M. V – principal of Gymnasium 1540.

“Ways of formation of interdepartmental cooperation in the sphere of supporting family with a special needs child in new educational conditions” presented by. Fadina A. K. – executive director of Center of Curative Pedagogic (CCP).

Natalya Krel has presented new project “Volunteer School of XXI century” that opened vast opportunities of volunteers’ preparations.

During the panel discussion, participants of the Forum have debated on urgent issues and have planned ways for their solution.

They discussed the upcoming personnel restructure in the department of education and governmental reforms, which are interfering the structure of long-term assured plans.

A necessity to enhance the work with parents was noted:

         • unions of separated parent groups;

• increasing the level of psychological education of parents with HIA children;

• discovering most active parents for possible participation in this forum.

Therefore, parents will be able to be not only recipients of services and observers but partners.

Participants noted the need for more active cooperation, which will allow the project to solve issues effectively.

We want to thank all the participants of the forum for their active part taking and a genuine interest and we hope for further effective cooperation. 

Photos of the 12th Community Forum


10th Community Forum                                     

Photos of the 10th Community Forum

 On April, 2, at the headquarters the Chamah Charitable Foundation the tenth anniversary Community Forum of the “Integration” project was held. "Integration of children with special needs in Jewish community in Moscow. " is a joined project of the "Joint" Charitable Foundation and the Jewish Agency for Israel, with the financial support of the Federation of New York and the Russian Jewish Congress.

This year the program of the Forum was focused on the topic of tolerance.

The Forum was attended by leaders, coordinators and specialists from organizations participating in the project.

Representatives of partner organizations: Natalia Krel - CEO of "Parilis" Charitable Foundation, Tatiana Pesotskaya - representative of "Genesis" Charitable Foundation, as well as special guests: Alik Nadanthe Director of the "Joint" Foundation in Russia, PhD Arkady Shmilovich - Head of Medical and Clinical Psychiatric rehabilitation department of the Hospital №1 named after N.A.Alekseev, Deputy Chairman of the organizing committee of the "Ariadne's thread" Festival, President of the NGO "Club of psychiatrists of Russia", Daria Kuznetsova - Head of the Integration club for the disabled "Overcoming", a social activist, a photographer and a journalist.

The program was aimed at discussing the new ways of development of the project within the Jewish community, as well as the ways to interact with the current system of education.

Alik Nadan welcomed the guests of the Forum and thanked professionals participating in the project for their contribution and also greeted the partners of the project.

Natalia Krel told about different ways of cooperation with various foundations and possibilities that had appeared after the Paralympic Games, as well as about the experience of promoting the ideas of inclusion and barrier-free environment at the level of development of interaction with the city administration and the federal government. Furthermore, she confirmed the readiness of the Parilis Foundation to continue to support the various initiatives and activities of the "Integration" project.

The presentation dedicated to the results of the "Bring Joy" event has aroused very positive response. During the event more than 100 children in five organizations had received Mishloach Manot during Purim celebrations.

The special guest of the forum, a psychiatrist with 55 years of experience, PhD Arkady Shmilovich reviewed the statistics on the situation of prevalence of mental diseases among the Russians, and also presented a projects of the Psychiatric Association, aimed at the development of tolerance and the increase of acceptance of people with mental illnesses in the society. The main participants of the “psychohygiene” project in our expert's opinion should become teenagers and students.

Another special guest of the Forum - Daria Kuznetsova, - shared her story of overcoming and return to active life, as well as a charge of optimism.

After the accident, Dasha had decided that the changed circumstances would not become an obstacle for an active lifestyle, and uses her personal example to inspire people around her, as well as share it with all the guests of the "Overcoming" rehabilitational center.

In the second part of the Forum day schedule the discussion if "Tolerance can be the key to Integration "was held in the new format for our Forum – the format of an open space. With the assistance of the trainer- Anna Privezentseva, representatives of partner organizations were able to choose topics that interest them and look for variants their solutions together.

Thus obtained proposals from participants give us new clues to improve the quality of services and support of the professionals and families of children with special development.

At the end of the Forum representatives of organizations involved in project talked about the most important events and achievements in the implementation of the project over the last year. int9.png

Photos of the 10th Community Forum