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School is the house of knowledge.

One of the main goals of the project is to enable Jewish schools to open their doors for all children without exceptions and to provide children with special needs with access to quality education.

3 public educational institutions of Moscow have joined the project:

According to practicing educators, the percentage of children with behavioral problems has lately increased significantly. Moscow Jewish schools have to face this challenge as well since up to 50% of students now require special approach.

Unfortunately, the teachers sometimes lack experience and knowledge necessary to ensure the efficiency of educational process when working with children with special needs.

The Integration project is aimed at socialization of children with special needs i.e. severe disabilities as well as at helping children with behavioral problems.

 All activities for children with special needs are held jointly with regular students of the schools.


Goals to be reached in the framework of Integration project are:

  1.  Intensive direct assistance to children with special educational needs to facilitate their access to school education.
  2.  Support for the faculties of schools that acquired substantial expertise in working with children with special needs in the framework of Jewish school.
  3.  Propagation of expertise in the field of establishing a Jewish integrative school.
  4.  Establishing and expanding relations with the state organizations in this field.


The Integration project activities are aimed at the following objectives:

  • Children supported by the project receive intensive direct assistance facilitating their access to education for them.
  • Children supported by the project study in integrative classes along with other children accompanied, when necessary, by a tutor.
  • Faculties and teams of the schools (administration, educators, volunteers etc.) acquire substantial knowledge and skills for their work with children with special needs. Today, they are actively exchanging their experience in the field of inclusive education and spreading it among Jewish and non-Jewish organizations not engaged in the project.
  • Technologies and models of inclusive schools are developed for the Jewish community.

Experience accumulated within many years of functioning of the Integration project proves that educating children with special needs together with their peers contributes to accelerating their social adaptation. Read moreint9.png