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A.Bitova.jpgAnna Bitova

Center for Curative Pedagogic, director

Having graduated a speech pathologist, Anna has been working in the field of rehabilitation and education of children with mental development disorders since 1980.

She has been leading the group for intensive comprehensive support for children with central nervous system disorders and severe speech impairments and participating in the work of consultative and diagnostic department of the Center since the opening of the Center in 1989.

 Professional interests include neuropsychology, neurology, psychophysiology and psycholinguistics. Anna applies the latest scientific ideas in her practice.

Anna authored and coauthored a number of programs aimed at creating an efficient system of rehabilitation, education and integration of children with developmental disorders as well as at skills enhancement of professionals and managers engaged in this field.

Anna is also a public activist promoting NGO involvement and an advocate for the rights of children with disabilities in Russia. She participates in international and Russian seminars, conferences, roundtables and hearings often acting as a speaker; she organizes seminars and internships for her colleagues from Russia and CIS and provides consultations on organizational, administrative, and methodological issues to the leaders of initiative groups and emerging organizations.

E.Murodyan.jpgEkaterina Murodyan

Center for Curative Pedagogic, project coordinator

Alexander Pyatigorskiy
Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Educational Center "Tkhiya", director

V.Marek.jpgValeria Marek

The President of  VA  Le-Dor va-Dor comunity.

Executive Director of  RACPJ.

Vice-President of the International Council of Jewish Women.

I.Protsenko.jpgIrina Protsenko

Tkhia Educational Center, Director

M.Pavlenko2.jpgMarina Pavlenko

Mariya coordinates the project in the Tkhia Educational center, where she heads psychological services.

Melihova.jpgOlga Melihova

Nonformal education in “Tkhiya” school #1311 within the frame of the “Integration” project, coordinator. Additional education, department manager. The school for volunteers, coordinator. The Jewish International Camp “Sarvash”, coordinator

S.Antonovskaya.jpgSvetlana Antonovskaya

Educator / psychologist of the Tinok kindergarten and Tinok preschool department of the Tkhia Educational Center.

 Svetlana conducts group and individual sessions that teach art and communicative skills making kids more active and independent.

She uses gestalt-therapy, art-, fairytale- and sand-therapy in her work. She provides diagnostic of cognitive and emotional sphere and consults parents.
N.Zinovyeva.jpgNatalya Zinovyeva

Psychologist, art therapeutist, business trainer, coach.

Parental group and volunteers of "Integration" project, trainer

Communal projects of Jewish Agency "Sohnut" (CIS), coordinator

Y.Sayapina.jpgYuliya Sayapina

Coordinator of the Integration project in "The School # 1321 "Kovcheg"

Inna_Kruglyansk5.jpgInna Kruglyanskaya

Chamah Foundation, Director of Humanitarian Projects, ardent activist for better access to education for Jewish children with special needs. Acting as humanitarian projects director  of Chamah and Gan Chamah since 2008.

M.Zvereva5.jpgMariya Zvereva

graduated from Moscow State Psych educational University, psychologist, psychology teacher. More than 15 years she had been working in Center for Curative Pedagogic (individual and group studies for children with special needs, psychological counseling and refreshing courses as a teacher).

At present time - Head of “Child with special needs” department of Child Development Center “Ester”. She coordinates the activity of “Integration” project and Jewish Center for Curative Pedagogic as well.

M.Turina2.jpgMila Turina

Child developmental center Esther, director, curator of the Integration project and primary school preparation teacher in the Esther center.

M.Moiseeva.jpgMarina Moiseyeva

Moscow technological ORT School (Gymnasium 1540), Director

Marina authored publications and educational aids for students of pedagogic higher educational institutions on distance learning and on new pedagogic and informational technologies in education.

S.Rosenblum.jpgSofia Rozenbloom

Coordinator of the Integration project in the ORT School, psychologist

I.Zivotovski1.jpgIlya Zhivotovsky

Coordinator of the informal education component of  the Integration project in the ORT School

N.Ulyanova2.jpgNatalia Krel {Ulyanova)

General Director at Charity Foundation Parilis. She is the head of the integration work group of the commission for support of disabled children and women of the Board of Disabled Persons at the President of the Russian Federation.

Y.Yasinskaya.jpgYuliya Yasinskaya

School #1621 “Tree of Life”, director

“Teacher of the year. Moscow City - 2005” competition, prize-winner. “Teacher of the third millennium  - 2008” competition, winner. Grant of Moscow in the scope of education and the order “For the good of the Homeland” holder.

E.Shustin.jpgEster Shustin

Coordinator of the Integration project in the "Tree of Life" School #1621

I.Sherban.jpgIrina Sherban

Moscow Jewish Community House, director

G.Perminova2.jpgGalina Perminova

Coordinator of the Integration project in the Moscow Jewish Community House.

Senior professor of the faculty clinical and special psychology at the childhood clinical psychology department of the Moscow Municipal University for Psychology and Pedagogic.Scientific interests include clinical psychology of early childhood, cognitive psychology, psychology of family raising child with special needs.

K.Grublite2.jpgKira Grublite

Since 2013 - volunteer of "Integration" project; Since 2014 - madrih of "Integration" project

Since 2016 - sunday projects of "Sohnut", coordinator

A.Kovtun2.jpgAlexander Kovtun

Jurist, public and political figure, sunday projects of "Sohnut" (madrih)