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Our achievements (September – December 2014)

207 customers used the services of our project in three public schools and five children's recreation centers.

The programs continue to operate in ORT school №1540 (from this year including the elementary school), in school of Thiya # 1311, in Etz Chaim school, in MJCH(Moscow Jewish Community House )in Child development center "Esther", in the Jewish branch of Center of Curative Pedagogic , right in the Center of Curative Pedagogic and in the Sunday school of the Jewish Agency " Sohnut".

In addition, with the support of the project, two new CCP projects were launched: "Day occupation of elder children with special needs on the basis of psycho-neurological boarding school "Day is not for nothing!", and a vocational training workshop "Special ceramics."

You can read further about both projects by clicking on their names.

Within the project two parent groups are operating.

In addition, in this half-year the project was supported by 96 volunteers and 9 faithful and reliable partners, among of which was the Russian Jewish Congress and the Charity Fund "Parilis".

Also there is a cooperation still going on with the volunteer movement of Jewish Agency's " Sohnut" and JDC- MiAlef and Maagal.

Together with MiAlef two culinary master classes were conducted.

The number of experts involved in the project this year amounted to 66 people, including psychologists, speech pathologists, teachers, tutors, art therapists and others.

The strength of our project is, in the first place, in skilled and knowledgeable professionals who are authorities in their spheres.

A total of 23 free seminars were held by the project and its partners, where experts and project volunteers were invited to. Besides, experts of the Jewish Centre for Curative Pedagogic and Child development centre "Esther" have visited the two-day CCP seminar supported by the project.

In the end of 2014 the head of the psycho-pedagogical service of ORT school #1540, the school-based coordinator of the "Integration" project, Sofia Alexandrovna Rosenblum was awarded the Prize of Beatrice Wand-Polak.

The award was established by Bernard Wand-Polak, the director of ORT in Latin America in the period from 1967 to 1983 in the memory of his wife, the president of Chicago’s branch of Women American ORT, in commemoration of its assistance and support in creation of technological educational institutions network.

The award is granted to teachers, that make a significant contribution to the educational ORT network in sphere of methodology, pedagogy and the development of new learning technologies.

Three ORT school students, two of which are participants of the "Integration" project, have won the artwork contest "My school - ORT School" among of secondary school students of educational institutions that are part of the0 ORT network in the CIS and Baltic countries.