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An indispensable source of project support is volunteers who give our children their time, energy and love. We are grateful to them and they are an integral part of our work.

Today, there are three major areas of volunteer work:

  • Attend regular meetings and events (lessons at the Jewish Community House and the Sunday school at the Jewish Agency in Russia), where some volunteers come every week and others join us only when they have an opportunity.
  • Accompany the groups at offsite events (even if the day is well-planned and there is a well-thought program and the parents are present, volunteers are indispensable to accompany a child who got tired from staying with other children and would like to spend some time alone.)
  • Accompany children to the Winter and Summer Integration Camps (we train our volunteers during the school year so that they feel free and confident when dealing with children.)

 Anybody may join our volunteers or attend volunteer seminars. You are welcome to contact Elena Severyukhina , the project coordinator: